Thuê xe ô tô 9 chỗ Dcar, Limousine tại Hà Nội đi các tỉnh giá rẻ

Thuê xe ô tô 9 chỗ Dcar, Limousine tại Hà Nội đi các tỉnh giá rẻ
VIP Sedan là đơn vị uy tín cung cấp dịch vụ thuê xe 9 chỗ dcar, limousine tại Hà Nội đi tỉnh giá rẻ. Xe 9 chỗ dcar, limousine là dòng xe mang lại sự tiện nghi, sang trọng và cảm giác an toàn thoái mái.

Vip Sedan provides 9-seat bus routes from Hanoi to the provinces to help you have comfortable moments on the way. Committed to the best service, new and luxurious dcar cars and competitive rental costs in the market.


Loại xe






Xe 5 chỗ






Xe 7 chỗ






Xe 9 chỗ2.500.0002.400.0004.500.0002.400.0003.200.000

Xe 16 chỗ






Xe trên 16 chỗ

Liên hệ  0388.155.155

Unit: VND


  • The above fare is a one-way bus fare
  • Price includes highway ticket
  • Price does not include 10% VAT (if any)

Today, along with the continuous development of the economy, culture and education, the demand for travel is also growing more and more. Not only that, in order to improve the life value of the family and society, utility services must be developed to fully meet the essential needs of people. In particular, traveling by car is very popular and is interested by many people because of the convenience it brings.

The need to improve life and entertainment has increased, so tourist destinations are also developing. Traditional taxi services usually have high travel costs, so every time you want to travel or return to your hometown, you can't help but consider and lose your wallet. The demand of many people in Hanoi who want to find a car rental unit to go to other provinces for tourism and rest has become higher. Therefore, car rental addresses have sprung up a lot, but the quality of service is not guaranteed and the price is not the best.

Be aware of the growing demand and disadvantages of other services Cheap car rental service to the province VIP Sedan was born. As a professional and reputable unit providing car rental services in Hanoi, especially9 -seat car rental dcar limousine to the province. You can easily book a car whenever without wifi or 3G. Above all, the car rental price is extremely attractive and cheap, which can save costs for your trip. In addition, when using our 9-seat car rental service, you also enjoy the best service.

Car rental 9 seats dcar limousine to the province cheap in Hanoi

As a cheap 9m car rental unit, we provide you with many brandsNew car, luxury and fully equipped. The 9-seat cars for rent have many models and colors. In addition, rental cars are the cars that are popular with many customers today such as: Toyota Vios, Toyota Camry, Ford, Honda, ...

When renting a car at VIP Sedan, you will receive enthusiastic and dedicated service from consultants and driver staff. In addition, you will easily rent your favorite 9-seater car with our most optimal rental price, helping customers save more car rental costs.

A 9-seat car is a car that can carry from 8 to 10 people, suitable for groups of friends or small companies or families with many members who want to travel or return to their hometown. Therefore, choosing a 9-seat car for long trips is the first choice of customers.

9-seat car rental service to serve the needs of cheap provinces such as:

  • Rent a 9-seat car to go home, go to other provinces
  • Rent a 9-seat car for travel and festivals
  • Rent a 9-seat car for business trips, pick up customers
  • Rent a 9-seat car for weddings
  • Rent a 9-seat car to transfer from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi or other provinces.

Benefits of renting a 9-seat car in Hanoi to cheap provinces

When using the 9-seat car rental service in Hanoi to the provinces, you will receive many interesting things and good services:

  • With enthusiastic, dedicated advice and quotation support when booking a car, the staff will always support passengers and drivers to solve any difficulties and other cases that may arise.
  • Drivers are carefully selected, well-trained and experienced in safe driving, knowledgeable, polite and enthusiastic in their work, helping customers to feel comfortable during the trip.
  • Using our service, you will get the best price and many attractive offers.
  • Besides, the company's vehicles always ensure absolute quality and safety. Before each trip, the company's car is cleaned and maintained to avoid problems during the journey. Guarantee you a safe and best trip.
  • The car is always clean, cool, and does not smell like regular taxis, giving you a comfortable feeling in the car.
  • Experience different new and luxurious cars….

Notes when renting a car at VIP Sedan

VIP Sedan has hundreds of vehicles, soCar rental price is always cheap and competitive in the market. For a detailed quote, please call0388.155.155 For the most accurate quote:

  • The price provided will be the price including driver's salary, insurance, petrol, ....
  • Car rental prices have many incentives and can change depending on the time of booking such as weekdays, weekends, holidays, and depending on the rental time frame. So please call the hotline for more information and a detailed quote.
  • Depending on the route you choose, there will be tolls or not. We will then notify you before signing a contract with you. Therefore, when renting a car, please provide fully and accurately the time and place of departure as well as the destination to get the best quote.

Some questions you need to know when renting a car:

  1. Why is it important to provide the exact time and location?
    -> When providing time, the driver team will prepare and depart before your requested time to ensure the right time for you. Departure time and return time will both affect the rental price, so it is necessary to provide accurate information.
    -> When providing pick-up and drop-off locations, it will affect the rental price, for example, if you take a 9-seat car but only pick up and drop off at 1 place, the price will be cheaper than renting a 9-seat car but pick up and drop off many points .
  2. In addition, if customers rent a car to go to many places, the price is a bit higher. What information should I provide when renting a car?
    -> When renting a car, you need to provide full personal information, the type of car you want to rent, the number of guests, pick-up time, pick-up and drop-off locations, ....

All details, as well as questions in the process of using the 9-seat car rental service to the province from quoting, checking in, or during the journey, there is an incident, whether small or large, that makes you unsatisfied. heart. Please contact 0388.155.155 to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

9-seat car rental always hopes to serve and bring the best service value to customers. VIP Sedan - Always accompanies customers on every trip.


Frequently asked questions

Q: What services does Vipsedan provide?

VipSedan specializes in providing vehicles from 5 seats to 45 seats for the cheapest, most prestigious and professional airport, convenient, and tourist car services.

Q: Can I book multiple cars at the same time?

You can book multiple trips at once depending on your schedule.

Q: Do I need to book a car in advance?

You should book the car as soon as possible so that the company can prepare the car and serve it best.

Q: Does Vipsedan have any incentives for loyal customers?

VipSedan has incentives for loyal customers to sign long-term with the company.

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